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We offer a wide range of service to Charities including Gift Aid declarations, Donations and Grant Funding. We aim to understand your specific needs and help to overcome any obstacles you may face.

Today Social enterprising sectors including charity are rapidly changing landscapes bound by more regulatory and compliance requirements than most. Our expertise in accountancy of charity fully understands the complex and regulatory accounting needs of your charity or social enterprise.

We understand that in current global financial situations even charities have to face constant restrictions and also to work under them where you might be striving to optimise every opportunity. We aim to spend time getting to know each charity client, understanding their specific issues and helping them overcome any obstacles that may arise as a consequence of change.

At ‘Flannagans’ we can assist you from the outset with the formation of the charity, by advising you on the most appropriate structure, for example a trust, or a company limited by guarantee.

We assure you choosing us will provide you proactive accounting advice, first class accounting service and excellent value for money. We will help you run your cause more efficiently and to maximise the return from your funding and donations.

The charities we offer our services to;

  • General charities and charitable trust
  • Social care and social enterprises
  • Environmental, arts and leisure organisations

Our Specialist charity accounting expertise
We will tailor your accounting issues with our Specialist accounting services to match perfectly to your needs. Our range of charity accounting services includes:

Charity accounting, payroll and accounting advice:We offer our expertise including book keeping, reviewing and preparing your accounts, governance, reporting and forecasting.

Complex tax planning and VAT implications for charities:We offer you our services with Gift Aid, donations and grant funding, income from selling advertising space, charity shops and the sale of goods, fundraising events, and income from social events and overseas donations.

Compliance with the latest charity: We are here to provide you compliance support for your charity.

Setting-up a new charity: We aim to help you with regulatory, taxation, and governance issues.

Charity management accounts, strategic reviews and planning: We provide you with our expertise in account management, detailed discussed reviews about your account planning.

We offer a wide range of service to Charities including Gift Aid declarations, Donations and Grant Funding. We aim to understand your specific needs and help to overcome any obstacles you may face…

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